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As Frank moves his mouth down to take her Free erotic comics right nipple into his mouth Kevin's tongue gets in and licks from bottom to Free erotic comics top between her nether lips and then as Bill joins Frank on her nipples Kevin's tongue hits her clit and the earthquake begins. Free erotic comics Her back arches again and pushes her pussy up into Kevin's face fixing it so that now his nose is rubbing against her clit and she Free erotic comics squeals with the pleasure. This goes on for a few Free erotic comics minutes more. Kevin leaves his face buried in her cunt with his nose rubbing on her clit and his tongue fucks up into her love canal. For Fran the Free erotic comics orgasm is tremendous, rolling over her body and mind becuase of Kevin's not letting up until he runs short of breath. She felt so warm, the skin of her back so soft under my fingers. I lay there content both hearing and feeling her deep breathing. My hand betrayed me, my fingers kept tensing while they should have been resting on her back, wanting, needing to feel, to experience more of her body. It took my whole focus to keep my hand still on her back, and to control my own breathing. Then I felt her hand raise from it's place near the middle of my back, her wrist still resting across my side. I was worried that she was uncomfortable, and lightened my touch, hoping she would see I didn't mind if she wanted to move. Instead I felt the lightest touch of a single finger move across my skin. Yes this is the bdsm site to pick for Free erotic comics!
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